it’s been 3 weeks since i posted that dil howlter photoset and i haven’t posted any other drawings after that, yet i keep gaining 5-10 followers a day because of that very post. hello new friends, welcome 2 my blog, prepare 2 be disappointed

Anonymous said: How've you been lately?? I hope you're doing ok :) -love from your fans

it’s currently 4am and i’m v cold, but i had a rly good pizza yesterday, and i’ve caught up with a lot of tv shows, so i’d say i’m doing p good. we’ve had a few thunderstorms lately though, and i’ve left my computer unplugged during those, so i haven’t been online much or been able to work on any art. hopefully i’ll be more productive soon. i hope ur doing good too!

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Anonymous said: sometimes i visit your blog just to make the anon heads twirl

truly an amazing feature

Anonymous said: Not relevant? We love you! You're one of my favorite blogs too and I love seeing your posts on my dash, especially your art it's amazing! Don't ever think you aren't relevant, you're one of the coolest people in the phandom!

ur making me blush!! thank u, it rly means a lot! <3

Anonymous said: Ok this is a bit embarrassing/creepy but I check your blog multiple times a day and I have read every single post you've ever posted bc I love this blog more than I love oxygen k bye <333

oh my gosh, nooo this isn’t creepy, it’s adorable!! i was starting to feel like i’m not relevant anymore, so this is super sweet! thank u so much ily <3

couldn’t help myself. i drew dil howlter, a true style icon.

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some more lil details bc why not

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Anonymous said: You are a sinner. I horrible sinner from hell. You thought it was funny didn't you. Giving us all hope. THINKING THAT WE FINALLY GOT THAT ANIME AND THEN YOU GO AND LINK US TO THAT! HOW COULD YOU D:


i didn’t make that post, but yeah, it was pretty funny

remember that time i reblogged a post that said “omg guys i found the phanime!” and it was a rickroll, and i got my first anon hate

demonswilldrown replied to your post “nooooo i was going to reblog the post with my first anon hate message,…”

Try the google chached page, maybe it’s still there. It’s the little down arrow beside the url


whatawonderfulwaytokill replied to your post “nooooo i was going to reblog the post with my first anon hate message,…”

omg that’s not v nice :((

don’t worry, i thought it was hilarious

nooooo i was going to reblog the post with my first anon hate message, and then i accidentally DELETED IT!! i hope i have a screenshot somewhere omg, i tried to google for it to see if someone else had reblogged it, but all i can find is the link to the deleted post, how sad.

Anonymous said: you're icon looks a lot like oreki from hyouka

oh my gosh, ur right!! that’s rly funny actually, because when i drew that back in february i had not seen hyōka, or even heard of it, but now when i’m working on episode 2 i get most of my inspiration for dan’s character from oreki

some progress on background characters. for now i’ve drawn them all on similar bases (with variation in height, body shape (including neutral and masculine shapes) and color, but same pose), however i’m trying to make sure all of them have unique faces.

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jupiterlight replied to your post “going outside for the first time in a while to see maze runner. can’t…”

Don’t cry :)

oh no, it’s fine, like every movie makes me cry, and everything with dylan o’brien in it makes me cry, so there was like a 100% chance that i would cry. i didn’t get to see it this time though, i guess i’ll have to wait for it to come out on dvd, so that’s uuuuugggghhhhh. well, at least i went outside today.

going outside for the first time in a while to see maze runner. can’t wait to cry in a dark room full of strangers and ruin my winged eyeliner

i’ve spent all morning watching speed painting videos on youtube, and it’s only making me annoyed that my computer can’t screen record without having a 2-second lag and freezing all the time + my actual camera always stops recording after 11 minutes, my memory card can only store 20 minutes of footage and my tripod’s legs are so weak they always slide down, i have to wrap tape around the 9 locks to make them stay. technology is not on my side.

i still keep watching those videos though, i’m watching one right now.